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Coronavirus, Viruses, and Spanish Flu!

Today I want to write about coronavirus, viruses, and the Spanish flu. And to sum up this post, I want to end up with a conclusion from a financial, stoic, and health perspective. 

First of all, I want to say that I am not a scientist, doctor, or anything that comes close to it. However, I am a person that has always been driven by a massive sense of curiosity:

-Observing what is going on around.

-Trying to figure out the reasons and the causes of things.

-Trying to follow events with perspective.

-Trying to focus on opportunities that I can have control over, instead of focusing on those things that I can not (Stoicism).


As a stoic (What Is Stoicism and 4 Pillars For Living a Good Life Today), I always have to doubt everything that I see, or I listen to. I can not believe everything from the outside world; no matter who is behind it, I must always do my research and make my conclusions.

I want to express some ideas related to this topic from a different perspective that most talk about, and of course, you must do your research too.

This article is a bit longer than usual. Still, like always, I have done my best to bring valuable information that invites you to think about Coronavirus and the current situation, and also to give some useful data about the Spanish flu.



A Brief Revision Into The Potential Causes of Current Coronavirus

For the last couple of days, I have received some notifications from people who are involved in the medical sector recommending different ways to prevent the current virus called “coronavirus.” (In my conclusion I will give some simple tips to avoid this kind of disease).

Also, nurses and doctors have been explaining in a hospital that the origins of this specific virus come from Chinese nutrition, and how Chinese people eat. 

As far as the origin is concerned, I must admit that I am not going to get into an in-depth discussion about it. Still, I must say that I cannot take that reason of Chinese nutrition as absolute truth; I have done some researches, and some other reliable sources explain how this virus has not been caused because of the way Chinese culture eats but by some secret experiments and tests by the Chinese Government that has been doing for years.

Anyway, my intention here is not only to give some information but also to encourage people not to believe everything that is said, and to get a better perspective of the events.


Coronavirus, financeandstoicism, virus, spanish flu, stoicism, financial markets

The Year of 1918; Spanish Flu

I have realized that this kind of virus is well underestimated by society until they hit hard to the population.

The first thing that I could notice is that there is a big space in history that it is “missing.” I am talking about the Spanish flu. There is not much information shared by the mass media or the general public about it.

What are the main reasons behind this kind of  “silence”? 

One of the potential reasons could be that it was so devastating and deadly, and the virus killed so many millions of people around the Globe that there were not many people who survived who had the energy or knowledge to share what happened during those devastating years.

Also, another reason could be that It was better to forget about it because it was such a dark time (same period of WWI) that no one wanted, or couldn’t, write about it.

This virus happened in 1918 and soon became a global pandemickilling more individuals than any other kind of disease in the entire history.


-Only in the United States, the equivalent of two million individuals today died.

-Globally, the equivalent to more than one hundred million people.

Why Is It Called Spanish Flu?

In the beginning, I thought Spanish flu was named because it hit hard only in Spain. However,  The only reason for this name to the virus was because it was called that way in the newspapers in Spain. Then for any reason, it became a global term.

Spanish flu was born in the US,  inside a military basement in Kansas.

It was originated through the soldiers, and because it was the time of Global Wars, it became rapidly spread during the whole world from soldier to soldier, and from medical services to medical services, in every location worldwide.

Society Tends To Underestimate the Influenza Virus.

To explain why society tends to underestimate the influenza virus, I am going to share a paragraph from the book:“The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History.” 

After reading this text from the book, you could realize that these viruses are not something trivial, and they must be taken seriously.

“Regardless of where it began, to understand what happened next, one must first understand viruses and the concept of the mutant swarm. Infections are themselves an enigma that exists on the edges of life. They are not merely small bacteria. Bacteria consist of only one cell, but they are fully alive. Each has a metabolism, requires food, produces waste, and reproduces by division. Viruses do not eat or burn oxygen for energy. They do not engage in any process that could be considered metabolic. They do not produce waste. They do not have sex. They make no side products, by accident or design. They do not even reproduce independently. They are less than a fully living organism but more than an inert collection of chemicals. Several theories of their origin exist, and these theories are not mutually exclusive. Evidence exists to support all of them, and different viruses may have developed in different ways.

Whatever the origin, a virus has only one function: to replicate itself. But unlike other life forms (if a virus is considered a life form), a virus does not even do that itself. It invades cells that have energy, and then, like some alien puppet master, it subverts them, takes them over, forces them to make thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of new viruses. The power to do this lies in their genes.

But if viruses perform only one task, they are not simple. Nor are they primitive. Highly evolved, elegant in their focus, more efficient at what they do than any fully living being, they have become nearly perfect infectious organisms. And the influenza virus is among the most excellent of these complete organisms.”


After reading this paragraph, everyone can realize that the virus is something to be scared of. Since the virus is continuously mutating and transforming fast, it is undoubtedly impossible to forecast how far it can go.

First, Potential Pandemics Are not Taken Seriously, After, Fears Goes 10X Faster Than Real Pandemic.

It is human nature, it has happened all the time, and possibly it will never change.

Society tends to ignore the potential events that can be dangerous in the long-term when it is not felt like danger in the short-term.

Once the danger is real, and it can be felt, “the media” already spreads the news to make them even more lethal than the virus itself, because fears spread faster than the disease itself, and the “panic phase” becomes more robust than ever.

The feeling of uncertainty about the future becomes more significant than ever.

The reality of the virus is that it is impossible to make any predictions. Because of this contingency, at a certain point, it creates chaos.

One the one hand, when it comes to financial markets, macroeconomic data, GDP, etc., you can analyze the damages and terrible consequences after they have passed. Still, it is challenging to predict human actions for the events.

On the other hand, when it comes to predicting the expansion of this virus between the population, and the fear among the entire community, it is impossible to make a prediction.


Coronavirus, financeandstoicism, virus, spanish flu, stoicism, financial markets


-There can be some resources about what caused the virus. The truth is that we can never know the real cause behind it. When some other information that is not “the official” comes out, it will always be seen as a conspiracy. Knowing the real truth is complicated; Take a look at everything that is happening in Hong Kong and China about this issue, for instance, there isn’t any transparency at all, and there are many secrets.

-As far as the prevention of the virus is concerned, my research indicates that wearing a mask is not the most significant prevention to this or any other virus-related. The essential prevention comes from cleaning our hands all the time, especially before touching our mouth, face, nose, etc.

-Creating a robust immunity system through a proper diet (plant-based diet mostly, avoiding industrial sugars and trans-fat), exercising regularly, and eliminating stress through activities such as meditation, can contribute to increasing the probabilities of the body to fight and win against these viruses. 

I must say that I disagree entirely with those groups of scientists who defend that it is not scientifically proved that having the right diet and avoiding certain products, exercising regularly, and using techniques such as meditation can help to prevent our immunity system to not get sick from any virus or diseases. There are many conflicts of interests behind these groups; for instance, you cannot patent and make money from encouraging a healthy lifestyle, reducing animal proteins, creating emotional balance through exercise and mediation. But you can develop patents, and make billions of dollars through many industries prescribing and selling drugs to people. Prescribing to someone pills when they come to your office with the depression is much more profitable and convenient than encouraging people to avoid sugar drinks, eat healthily, exercise regularly, avoid toxic environments.

-As far as the financial markets are concerned, there will be tough times. Still, for sure there will be recovered because that is the beautiful thing of the markets, they always move in cycles. We cannot forget that in the case of the US Markets, we have lived the biggest up-trend in human history with a Global Debt with numbers never seen before. Hence, at this point, whatever the trigger or black Swan finance that causes the correction is, it was a matter of time to have a correction.
Also, I must say that coronavirus has shown the weakness in the global economic infrastructure because of its dependency on China. I believe that there must be news ways to improve the economic structure in the future to reduce the dependence from China, and one of the potential mechanisms can be Blockchain and Distributed Ledge Technologies.

-To sum up this article, I want to conclude by saying: doubt, always doubt everything. Develop a different perspective to see everything around. Take responsibility for your thoughts and ideas, and don’t allow others to influence yours negatively.


“Doubt not without hoping, hope not without doubting.” Seneca


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